Our new reading book series starts with "The Three Little Pigs", "The Donkey, the Goat and the Dog", "The Gingerbread Man" and "The Goats and the Troll". Available in A4 individual reading book form (N$80) and A3 Classroom Reader (N$200), the books are already available in English, Afrikaans and Oshindonga. Contact us for our wholesale prices!

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Anpris’ English catalogue now has over 100 different topics covering Living and Learning, Literacy and Numeracy. Most popular poster topics include Vowels, the Alphabet, Prepositions, my Body, Shapes, Action words, Days of the week, Months of the year, Fruit, Vegetables, Clothes and Animals. While we typically cater for an age range from 2 to 12 years our Rules of English poster sets lead us towards full learning support through to 16 years of age.​

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Anpris is the only educational publisher to supply our products in all Namibian home languages, aiming to strengthen learning support in schools across the country. Our mail order service enables us to reach even the furthest flung schools and ensure our products are value for money in every part of the country.

Anpris Trading designs, prints and delivers learning support materials in all Namibian home languages to all parts of the country. A recent survey of our customers threw up comments such as “The posters are beautiful and attractive” and “The pictures are good quality and appropriate for the age group that I teach”. We use almost entirely Namibian suppliers and materials and our products are highly rated, receiving the official stamp of NIED as well as praise from all levels of the Education Ministry.

A2 posters are printed on gloss A2 250gsm card and cost N$25 + packing and courier cost. Orders of over 72 posters are delivered for free. Visit our Contact Us page to request a catalogue and order form. 

Posters are available in: English, Afrikaans, Ju/'hoansi, Khoekhoegowab, Oshindonga, Otijiherero, Oshikwanyama, Rukwangali, Rumanyo, Silozi, Setswana and Thimbukshu.

Designed by teachers for teachers, our posters are suited to any classroom environment and enhance learning, with clear benefit later stage education. More and more teachers are now approaching us to shape our materials to their particular classroom needs.

​International and local research findings clearly show that the longer a child learns in her home language the stronger she will be academically and the better she will learn other languages.

So, while we started with posters, we have now produced our first story books and plan to extend into exercise books, song books and games.