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​​​​​Wedding Décor

Weddings and other big events held in the right atmosphere become life-long memories. Priscilla Harris uses her design flair to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, turning even the least promising location into a special place for a special event.

Anpris is Namibia's only publisher that aims to provide its materials in all home languages taught in schools. Catering for schools across the country it aims to contribute to a lasting change in current education performance by ensuring that the national policy on home language is comprehensively supported.


Andrew Harris’ career has been a continuous mix of practice, theory and advising. In the 6 years after formally establishing Anpris as a consultancy, Andrew undertook over 130 consultancies. After 4 years back in the field of practice, Anpris now returns to offers its services, with the same service quality that led to 60% of employers asking for second and third consultancies.

Anpris dedicates its work to change in the lives of those it serves and supports. This shapes how we work with our communities and how we work as a company. As a publisher, for example, we do not charge start up and development costs to the product, so that our posters and books can be affordable to every school and parent. Where we can we will also support those with particular disadvantage.

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