Education can be the most powerful development tool available to nations and individuals. It is for this reason that Anpris seeks to bring education to the centre of a child’s home and community by strengthening home language use. A number of individuals, including some who spent much of their working life in educational publishing, have backed Anpris as it worked to produce its first books and overcome the challenges of making sure that they would be available in all home languages. In November 2017 we have been delighted to send them the first copies of the first of these books.

Now our challenge for 2018 is to provide books that cover all 9 of the pre-primary advised topics. Would you like help us do this? Contact us

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The Freemasons are a global organisation, supporting positive change around the world. Anpris linked with the AMD District of the West Midlands Branch to assist them to continue supporting the education of promising San children in Omaheke. This work started in 2014 with the BOMFA Charity, Gobabis. Anpris was able to take this on when BOMFA could no longer continue and has been delighted to use its local knowledge to ensure that AMD’s support is well-targeted and used to its maximum. The San are the most marginalised of cultural groups in Namibia. Keeping and motivating them in school to persevere with their education is the most powerful way of transforming their self-esteem and life-chances. The photo (right) shows some of the beneficiaries' delight at receiving mid-winter school materials to encourage them to persist with their schooling rather than dropping out early.

Anpris Sponsors

Pragmatic Web is a UK based website design agency, creating and hosting websites around the world.
Pragmatic supported the work of Jake Harris, an intern who used 3 months of his gap year to get Anpris on the internet road. Both our website and our Facebook page were expanded into meaningful reality by Jake (photo, left), greatly expanding our outreach programme in Namibia and allowing us to reach regions and rural schools that were not otherwise feasible.

Find out more about Pragmatic by visiting their site.

Our work is supported by individuals and businesses who share our ideas of how to build a more inclusive nation through more effective education. Language is key to this; the longer a child learns in his or her home language the more successful she will be academically and the quicker she will learn a second and third language. Anpris supports teachers, schools and parents by publishing learning support material in all languages.

The challenge is big and urgent. We want to be able to provide home language material in all media, in all languages taught in schools and for all ages from 2 to 10 years. We started with posters. Now we have published our first books, again following the principle that they should be available in all languages at the same price.
Beyond this we want to produce exercise books, song books and play books. For all the material we want to provide spoken words back-up through the internet as a free support service. 

As a new publisher, Anpris does not have the financial strength of well-established publishing companies. In spite of this, it has established certain principles that guide its aim to cover all home languages:
·         If we publish in one language, we should publish in all languages
·         Product pricing should be equal across all languages
·         Development costs should be excluded from product pricing so that products can be available at the lowest possible prices
·         Production techniques should enable small scale production among minority languages.
The Anpris partners have invested heavily to turn these principles into practice. We can extend the publications range and depth faster with external sponsorship support.

Interested? Contact us to see where and how you could move our educational ambitions faster and further.